Semalt: What Is The Best SEO Tool Worth Investing In 2021?

Competitive analysis is one of the key elements in preparing a winning marketing strategy. To achieve satisfactory results, any SEO agency or freelance SEO provider must know what trends are prevalent in their client's industry. In addition, they need to know what activities their competitors are doing to attract customers. An in-depth competitor analysis will allow you to predict changes in the market and notice trends and changing strategies of your competitors faster.

In today's guide, we decided to go much deeper with this topic based on the following points: 

Who and when should a competitive analysis be done?

Competitive analysis should really be done all the time. Whether you are just entering the market, already operating in it; operating locally or globally; or considering entering new sales areas; identifying and observing competitors behaviour is the basic step in gaining an edge and creating a strong, successful business.

Is the competitor analysis wrong?

Absolutely not! It is a good practice for any company.

It has nothing to do with spying or eavesdropping. Competitive analysis is 100% legal and is based on publicly available data.

Having an in-depth knowledge of your competitors' various business and marketing areas has many advantages for your company:
The purpose of a competitive analysis is to gain knowledge and awareness. Based on the comparison, you can adjust your actions accordingly.

What are the benefits of competitor analysis?

We have already talked about some of them in the previous title. However, to better understand the importance of analysis, we decided to talk about it a bit more in this title. 

Indeed, detailed information about competitors allows you to predict their actions, to learn more about their objectives, tactics, strengths and weaknesses. This knowledge allows you to turn their weaknesses into advantages, and the findings of the analysis serve as a source of information when creating market entry strategies, communication strategies, sales or distribution plans.

In addition, the competitive analysis will be an indispensable tool in gaining an advantage over your competitors. Remember that in most cases, your competitors will be in the market longer than you and winning your customers will not be an easy task.

Knowing your competitors' strategy, you can greatly accelerate the time when other companies start to feel your breath at their back. For this to happen, you need to know your competitors well, have a plan, and be systematic in pursuing a specific goal. Ultimately, a competitive strategy with a fully functioning business will be a great inspiration to you and an indicator of how to act to be in the best place in your industry

How to make a successful in-depth competitor analysis?

It is important to know that the success of in-depth analysis is based on SEO tools. Indeed, the SEO tools allow you to have secret information coming from your competitors' sites and propose better strategies. Moreover, they allow you to know the state of your site and know what needs to be done and what needs to be improved. 

So, it is important to choose an SEO tool that can help you succeed in your SEO projects.

For that, don't worry!

In the following, you will discover the best tool currently on the market that brings together all the functionalities you will need to succeed in your SEO service.  

The best SEO tool worth investing in 2021?

There are more and more SEO tools on the market that offer a variety of features. However, the majority of these tools, as popular as they are, do not have all the features you need to perform your job. So, you need a tool that really has all the features to avoid charging multiple subscriptions at once.   

To meet this expectation of any SEO provider, Semalt has developed a revolutionary SEO tool called the SEO Dedicated Dashboard. This tool brings together all the features you need to easily accomplish your mission. This tool allows you:  
In addition, this tool allows you not only to analyze the effects of your own website's positioning but also to check the actions of your competitors.

The Dedicated SEO Dashboard takes into account many other important elements and indicators that are necessary for the work of positioners. Below you will find detailed explanations for each category:

Possibility to perform a very efficient audit

The audit is one of the key elements performed during the process of positioning the website and before the start of activities. The ability to perform an audit means that a given tool, after entering the website address, determines the current status of the website in terms of specific indicators. These are:
With the Dedicated SEO Dashboard, you will have all this information in a detailed way in no time.

Traffic analysis

The Dedicated SEO Dashboard is an SEO tool, which takes into account the availability of potential traffic analysis. It evaluates the likely traffic to the website based on the website's visibility on Google for the selected phrases.

Visibility monitoring

Visibility monitoring is the ability to track the position of key phrases in the top3, top10 and top50 positions. This option is provided by the Dedicated SEO Dashboard. In the tool, you will additionally find broken down visibility into mobile and desktop results, as well as visibility of local phrases on mobile devices.

Position monitoring for specific phrases

DSD also allows you to monitor the visibility of specific phrases that you add to your campaign yourself. If you're concerned about consistently monitoring the position of a specific phrase, you can find this functionality in the DSD.

Keyword database

The keyword database includes the number of keywords in the database of a given tool that can be analyzed in terms of selected indicators (e.g., visibility, traffic, content, etc.). 

Ability to filter results

Filtering is an option that offers segmentation of results according to different indicators. In the DSD, you can filter the keywords found, for example, by estimated traffic, number of words in a phrase or estimated number of clicks.

Ability to export data

The ability to export data means that the SEO Dedicated Dashboard allows you to download the collected data as a file in different formats - for example, PDF, CSV or JPG / PNG.

Data Collection Period

The SEO Dedicated Dashboard provides not only current data but also historical data. This means you can analyze your site's visibility or link profile over a specific period, for example from 2020 to now. The most comprehensive information is provided by the SEO Dedicated Dashboard, which collects data from 2020 and below.

Checking the uniqueness of the site's content

It is important to know if the content of the site is unique and not stolen from another site. Indeed, we all know that Google hates this practice and does not hesitate to punish it. So with the SEO Dashboard, you won't have to make any other subscription to check the uniqueness of the contents. 

Trial version

The SEO Dedicated Dashboard offers a 14-days trial version. During this period you will have access to all the features included in the standard package. This way you have time to familiarize yourself with the tool and know its performance and efficiency before making a financial commitment.

Comparison of the most popular SEO tools with the SEO Dedicated Dashboard

Today the SEO Dedicated Dashboard has features that have made it the best SEO tool that experts have come to embrace. The simple reason is that when you make a comparison with the most popular tools in the market today such as Ubersuggest; Ahrefs; and Semrush you realize that the SEO Dedicated Dashboard is much more advanced in all the functionalities. In addition, it has very important additional features that the other 3 do not have.

So I invite you to discover the difference between Semalt Dedicated SEO Dashboard and analysis tools like Ahrefs, Ubersuggest and Semrush.